Why Buy in St. Lucia

Many people often think about buying an investment or holiday home abroad. For the British the usual locations are Spain and France as these are easily accessible in Europe by car or with cheap flights. Many people visit the Caribbean and enjoy their stay so much that they decide to purchase their own property. What attracts people the most is the all year round sunshine and the laid back lifestyle, which is perfect for a relaxing holiday.

St Lucia is not only one of the most beautiful island in the Caribbean, it is also one of the most accessible – with direct flights from London, Frankfurt, the USA and Canada and connections throughout the Caribbean.

St Lucia is renowned for its natural beauty, for its rainforest mountains, waterfalls, secret coves and long and lazy sandy beaches. Here the warmth of the Caribbean sun is matched by the welcome of the friendly St Lucians, whose rich and colourful Creole culture is reflected in music, dance and tempting island cuisine.

St Lucia has a stable economic and political environment with a high probability of price appreciation over the next ten years. St Lucia has many of the same advantages as Barbados but property prices are currently 60% lower. In recent years there has been a noticeable increase in foreign investors in St Lucia, as it is seen as having a lot of potential.

The tourist board in St Lucia is one of the most active in the Caribbean, staging international road shows all year round to continually improve visitor numbers for St Lucia. Promotional annual events such as the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) and the Jazz Festival are now world-class events providing a significant boost to visitor numbers during the low tourist season.

The general crime rate in St Lucia is one of the lowest in the Caribbean, making it a safe haven for tourists and for living.

We market properties (land and houses) in St Lucia, some located in the north, very close to the Rodney Bay marina, the local golf course and the local beach. Many properties have breathtaking sea views and excellent rental potential, for both short-term and long-term.
St. Lucia Real Estate Sales and Long-term Rentals